Wednesday, March 6, 2013

  Yes this blog is absolutely true! And I already know what you are thinking! "Like some stranger would really give me $40, and then show me how to turn that into $80." Who in their right mind would do that? What do they get out of it? ... Well, that is what you're thinking right!!! :)

  Well let me explain why then! Because by giving you $40 I will get $80 back in return. But don't worry, you are not the one giving me that $80!  MCA - Motor Club of America pays me that $80. I know you want to know how that is possible, and how you can do the same! So it is to our mutual benefit that I show you how to do the same with someone else! Sound fair?

  Let's be honest, how many people can you think of right now, this instant, that you can give $40 too that will take it? 1 person maybe, 3 perhaps, how about 5? Yeah right, that list is endless! Every person you know, even complete strangers will take your $40! But let's just say you have 10 people you know that will take your $40 right now. That equals $400. But in turn for being such a great friend, you get paid $840 back that week! Read on and find out how?

   I'm about to share with you this whole process, and yes I will tell you everything about it, nothing will be kept from you. I will not with hold any hidden surprises or expenses. At the end of this you will know everything!

  People are already doing this right now! It's nothing new. However the vast majority are going about it the wrong way! And the two reasons why they are doing it wrong:
              1.    They have not been shown correctly.
              2.    They are very, very greedy and not willing to help the next person be successful.

  "Fine, fine, you got my attention, get to the point will you!" Tell me how to turn your $40 into my $80 already!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Your Quick Start Guide

  This method works great! Whether you work a 9 to 5 job, or are just a shy person! It puts no pressure on you, and allows you to build your income in a month so that you will gain confidence in not only MCA but also in yourself!

  Here it is! You just enrolled and are already to go. You have my $40 in hand and are eager to go make your first $80 commission:

  Week 1 - You take my $40 and find just 1 person that you can give that to so they will enroll as a new business owner with unlimited income potential. Remember this is a business and this is how we sell it! After you enrolled that person, you are done! Wait until you recieve your $80 Saturday and do it again next week!

  Week 2 - Now you have $80! Go out and give $40 away to only two people! Now sit back and wait for your $160 direct deposit on Saturday!

  Week 3 - Now you have $160 to divide up among only 4 people! You have already found 3 people, so 4 more is a piece of cake! Especially now that you see the income potential is very real! So once you give $40 to 4 people, Saturday you will have $320 in your bank account!!! Feels good doesn't it!

  Week 4 - This week you have to find 8 people that you have to give $40 each too. Even if you are feeling a little nervous about having to find 8 people, guess what, you have already changed 7 peoples lives already! So this week is no sweat like the last 3 weeks have been! But remember, once you have this week checked off, Saturday you will have $656 in your bank account! The reason you recieve $656 this week and not $620 is because if you enroll between 5 and 9 people per week you recieve an $82 commission per person! See Commissions pay chart below.

  Weeks 5 and Beyond - With that amazing $656 setting in your bank account, how many people you go out and introduce to a new business is up to you! And as a side note, take $80 of your $336 profit and pay for 4 more months of your MCA membership. That will have you paid up for 6 months! You may be happy with having an extra $336 profit every week after using the remaining $320 to enroll 8 people from now on! Or you can keep doubling up until you get that weekly income that you desire. Whatever your choice, remember this, the individuals you put into business for themselves these past 4 weeks, KEEP IN CONTACT WITH THEM! Do not leave them alone fumbling around. Everything I pass onto you, make sure you pass on to them. They are now your team, and look to you for guidence!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Selling the product Vs. Selling as a business

  Selling the product or selling as a bussiness (commissions) are the two ways individuals go about trying to promote MCA. With your ultimate goal of making your $80 commission off the sale. Whichever way is working for you, stick with it, however, if you're getting nowhere, try using the other method.

Selling the product method:

  If you are selling the product, whether in person or online, you have to convince people why they need our product and how it benifits them. Show them exactly what they are recieving vs the cost of the program. And if they tell you they already have AAA, you now have to compare your analysis of MCA versus AAA.

  Personally I compare this method with a door to door salesperson. Yes some people are great with this method, I'm not one of them. From what I have seen people using this method do experience higher charge-back percentages versus selling MCA as a business. Don't agree with me? Think about it. You just sold the MCA benefits package to someone, a few months go by and money begins getting tight. They begin cutting their expenditures to keep a float. Guess what's usually on the top of the list. Yep, that $19.95 monthly membership that they're not recieving some kind of instant, physical benefit from. MCA is one of those "peace of mind, it's there when you need it" products. But when people are cutting back, their concerns are with what they have to have, and with the present. Which MCA doesn't fill. You have to have car insurance, you don't have to have towing coverage.

Market: For this group you should be marketing to individuals that are middle class with family or just starting a family. And to older couples. Regardless if you're online or in person. You will not sell this product to a 20 year old. They are just starting their adult life on their own with tight budgets, sell them on the business instead.

Selling as a bussiness (commissions)

  This is the method I prefer, but that's just my personal preference, to each their own. To sell MCA as a business you need to focus on showing them how this is a business that they can make their own and make real money with. Definitely show them your personal commission of $80 off of them for "starting thier own business." Not everyone does this, however I do, is to give them that $40 cash back and show them how to make their first $80 from that. Teach them how they can take that $40 and pay someone else to join the program and in turn they make the $80 commission. Don't sell the product, sell the money to be made. That usually closes the deal! Actually go out with them and help them close that first deal if need be. Of course this varies whether you're face to face or online. And keep in constant contact with them. Make it your responsibility to make them succesful.

  When you're selling this as a business you will experince less charge-backs. That is as long as you are helping them to be successful also. If you leave them to fend for theirselves, it's a very real chance they may give up and quit.

Market: I love this with face to face contacts. The business sells it's self! Target people just beginning their adult life, the ones whom haven't been brainwashed yet with, "you'll only have a good life with a 9 to 5 job." They will take this and run with it. And individuals who are in their 30's whom are working their butt off as a waitrer/waitress at some fast food chain. Easy to find them, look around while you're out running errands. While you're out grocery shopping, see all those cashiers and stock boys! Stopped off at Starbucks for your favorite latte, they're standing right there behind the counter waiting to serve you, how about you serving them a new life! Or stopped off at Mcdonalds because your kids are driving you crazy and want food? See that middle aged woman behind the counter about to strangle her 16 year old co-workers! Say to her, "You are definitely more composed and patient then I could ever be in your position, I know you want more than this." Then hand her your card and walk out. Yes go get some professional business cards made up. They are cheap and pass them out to every potential new business owner.

Monday, February 18, 2013

What are Charge-backs and how to limit them

  First, lets talk about how the $80 commission we receive works. That will then lead us into an easier understanding of charge-backs.

  MCA is actually paying you a commission on the assumption that whomever you enroll will remain in the program for 17 months. So divide $80 by 17 and you get $4.70 per month. So MCA is paying you $4.70 per month for the next 17 months in advance totaling $80! A side note of how MCA can afford to pay $80 per referral that signs up for $40, now you know it's based on 17 months. Technically the membership is $19.95 per month, minus your $4.70 commission, leaving MCA with a $15.25 per month profit! MCA definitely knows what they're doing! :) It's a win-win relationship between MCA and us.

  So what are, and how do charge-backs effect us? Well now that you know our commissions are based on 17 months, a charge-back is when your referral doesn't remain enrolled with MCA for the entire 17 months. For example your referral cancels their membership after 10 months. Your commission was based on $4.70 for 17 months. So the math is: $4.70 x 17 months = $80, however the referral only stayed 10 months so now it's $4.70 x 10 months = $47.00. Our referral didn't remain in the program long enough (17 months) for us to earn our $80 commission we were initially paid in advance. So MCA deducts the term our referral was in the program, 10 months at $4.70 = $47.00, minus our initial $4.70 x 17 months $80 commission, leaving a balance of $33 ($4.70 x 7 months) owed to MCA for overpaying us 7 months. MCA will now deduct that $33 from your next pay check. If you have multiple charge-backs, they will only deduct up to %50 of your pay check. Also, if you refer more than 31 people per month, they will forgive your charge-backs for that month.

  How to limit charge-backs then? Personally I feel this is directly related to how you receive your referrals. Are you trying to sell them strictly on the benefits, our how to start a business with MCA. Read my post Selling the product Vs. Selling as a business. It explains the differences between the two. Personally I sell MCA as a business. But go with the method you are comfortable with and that works for you. Charge-backs are also a reflection of your follow-ups. Keep in contact with the individual you referred.

  Hope this answered your questions and concerns regarding charge-backs. They do happen, but as long as you are proactive with your referrals, you can definitely limit their effects.