Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Your Quick Start Guide

  This method works great! Whether you work a 9 to 5 job, or are just a shy person! It puts no pressure on you, and allows you to build your income in a month so that you will gain confidence in not only MCA but also in yourself!

  Here it is! You just enrolled and are already to go. You have my $40 in hand and are eager to go make your first $80 commission:

  Week 1 - You take my $40 and find just 1 person that you can give that to so they will enroll as a new business owner with unlimited income potential. Remember this is a business and this is how we sell it! After you enrolled that person, you are done! Wait until you recieve your $80 Saturday and do it again next week!

  Week 2 - Now you have $80! Go out and give $40 away to only two people! Now sit back and wait for your $160 direct deposit on Saturday!

  Week 3 - Now you have $160 to divide up among only 4 people! You have already found 3 people, so 4 more is a piece of cake! Especially now that you see the income potential is very real! So once you give $40 to 4 people, Saturday you will have $320 in your bank account!!! Feels good doesn't it!

  Week 4 - This week you have to find 8 people that you have to give $40 each too. Even if you are feeling a little nervous about having to find 8 people, guess what, you have already changed 7 peoples lives already! So this week is no sweat like the last 3 weeks have been! But remember, once you have this week checked off, Saturday you will have $656 in your bank account! The reason you recieve $656 this week and not $620 is because if you enroll between 5 and 9 people per week you recieve an $82 commission per person! See Commissions pay chart below.

  Weeks 5 and Beyond - With that amazing $656 setting in your bank account, how many people you go out and introduce to a new business is up to you! And as a side note, take $80 of your $336 profit and pay for 4 more months of your MCA membership. That will have you paid up for 6 months! You may be happy with having an extra $336 profit every week after using the remaining $320 to enroll 8 people from now on! Or you can keep doubling up until you get that weekly income that you desire. Whatever your choice, remember this, the individuals you put into business for themselves these past 4 weeks, KEEP IN CONTACT WITH THEM! Do not leave them alone fumbling around. Everything I pass onto you, make sure you pass on to them. They are now your team, and look to you for guidence!

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